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Italy Full House magic ink marked plastic cards for UV contact lenses

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Full House poker cards are made in Italy, and it is a kind of plastic cards. We can cheat at the cards by print marks with invisible ink. The marks can not be seen by naked eyes, only with infrared contact lenses or sunglasses, you can see the mark.
Jumbo and Small Index Mark with invisible ink

You should send your cards here to process.
 We print the marks on the back of the cards with invisible ink that can not be seen by naked eyes. With our infrared contact lenses, you can see the mark clearly.
This kind of marked card together with infrared contact lenses will help you to cheat at Texas Omaha poker game, Omaha Hi-Low, Blackjack, Baccarat, Low ball, Show hand, and many local and special poker games. As you can see the mark on the back of cards clearly while others can not see.
     We receive the cards here to process. We will offer you the best quality with low price in processing the cards. If you want it, please tell us. The marked cards are very helpful for you to cheat at the poker games.

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