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Mercury dice for dice gambling cheat by hand control

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Some where play poker games use dice to decide from which to get the first hand. And always, some one want to get the first hand from where they want, but they are wondering about the dice, how will they manage the dices? Use our mercury dices. We filled little mercury into the dice, with little skill, you will get the very point you want.
You can also send your own dices here to process!

Dices    : 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm…
Mercury diec    :  1 pcs
This mercury dice is used for dice gambling and poker cards games. If you want to cheat at dice such as guessing the single or double, or the points, you can use the cheating device.
No need fix anything in advance, no need extra device to help you to do the dicing! Just need little skill, very easy to learn!

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