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Long distance camera lens for poker analyzer in water dispenser

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Long distance camera lens for poker analyzer in water dispenser. I can see some of the casino put a water dispenser or water cooler into it to provide the gamblers water. We can let the water dispenser to be one of the cheating devices for you. Water dispenser poker analyzer camera lens, is used for gambling cheat together with poker analyzer and edge marked cards. This is a single lens type, there is only one set of spy camera lens hided into the water dispenser. The camera lens is HD lens, with this kind of camera lens, you can play the cards in dark room. When you turn the power on, and let the lens face towards the edge marked cards, it will scan on the cards immediately and send the value to the analyzer. You will hear the result within 0.3 s through mini-earphone. Of course, you can also fill water into to as normal water dispenser. As it is a long distance one, you may cheat together with your partner. The will be nothing onto the table, and no analyzer onto your body, you just need to wear an earphone. The lens is adjustable, from up to down, from right to left, from far to near by a remoter.

Camera lens    : long distance lenses
Scan distance  : 1-2 m, 2-3m, 3-4m, 4-5m, 5-6m
Scan area         : From right to left: 1 m  from up to down: 0.5 m
Power                : DC 12V
Water dispenser long distance lens    :  1 pcs
Remote controller                                    :  1 pcs
Power                                                         :  1 set
This kind of camera lens together with poker analyzer helps you to cheat at Texas Omaha poker game, Omaha Hi-Low, Blackjack, Baccarat, Low ball, Show hand, and many local and special poker games.
Ideal poker cheating device in casino. Nothing onto table. Very hidden.

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