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Monitoring mahjong cheating system latest cheating device

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Mahjong is originated from China. You can see people are playing mahjong game in large streets and small lanes. Chinese people love mahjong, whenever they have time, they may call for 4 friends to play it together. As Chinese are distributed all over the world, so mahjong game is also bring to the world. In Singapore, in Philippines, in Japan and even in USA, you can see the players that play mahjong game. If you are playing with your friends, it is a game full of fun. But if you let mahjong as a gambling, so you should cheat at it and then you will earn a lot of money from it. How to cheat at mahjong? One of the cheating mahjong is monitoring mahjong cheating system. What’s that? The mahjong table will send out a wireless single to the computer which installed a special software. From the software, you can see all the tiles that face down and every player’s tiles. And then a monitor. From the monitor, you can see all the tiles that face up as a spy pinhole camera lens. So that you will know all the tiles on the table whether it facing up or down as the back partner will tell you. Will you win?

Pinhole camera lens scan distance  : 3-4 m
Pinhole camera lens scan area     : 1 sq.m
Shuffling time                  : 19-25 s
Back receive distance            : short for 500 m, long for all over the world
Mahjong table part     :  1 set
Computer with software :  1 pcs
Spy pin hole camera lens:  1 set
Mahjong             :  1 set (Blue and Green)
This is a monitoring mahjong system. No matter what’s you rules, as you will know all the tiles of the mahjong, you can manage it, yes? And about the mahjong tiles, you can send yours here to process if we haven’t get the right type with yours. This is a very helpful and useful cheating device in mahjong cheating field.
A Mahjong player only need to wear an earpiece that he can manage the whole mahjong gambling. Very easy! So fun!

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