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Bicycle marked cards is a professional marked cards that could use in casino

There are varies of people in the casino, and the environment is complicate. So if you want to use invisible ink marked cards and luminous ink contact lenses in the casino, you should prepare for a long time.

What kinds of prepare you should make? First, you should observe the casino you want go to. Familiar places better than strangers, try not to go to unfamiliar surroundings.

Second, choose a high invisible marked cards, this also very important for a player. We suggest our bicycle marked cards for you.

The Invisible ink marked cards also vary - some are marked with a big letter or number in the middle of the card or 2 in the corners. Others use special marks on the border frame of the cards that follow specific patterns and are easy to learn.

The back designs of the Bicycle marked cards are in two different colors – red and blue.

The red cards are marked with big letter or number in the middle.
The blue cards are usually marked just with a big font in the middle. And the ink used for the marking is white.

The Bicycle marked cards are very popular in both – Europe and America. They are the cards that are preferred in Turkey and in the Northwest European countries.

Bicycle marked cards is a professional marked cards that could use in casino. You can mark the cards in your own way.

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