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Spy camera for poker cheat

It is known, that, many poker cards occasions have a CCTV for the security’s sake. The CCTV camera can be also applied to poker cheat. We have fixed a spy camera inside it to read back marked cards. This kind of spy camera is different than others. So it is very best for poker cheat.
Spy camera is very mini to be hidden inside the CCTV and nobody will pay attention to it at all. This camera has special function to read invisible ink marks on the back of poker cards. Those marks are luminous from our naked eyes. So, only if you have our spy camera, you can know the poker cards points and suits. When the spy camera reads the back marked cards, it will send signal to TV that can analyze the result and show the poker faces on the background. From this TV, your partner can know the poker results and tell you results in the end.
Our spy camera in poker cheat is suitable for all poker cards games, such as Blackjack, Texas holdem, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Omaha. Now, if you are interested in it, please contact us by Skype!

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